Last month it was our pleasure to brew with Bill Lynch, the Forever Grateful Winner. For those of you who may not know, every year for Charleston Beer Week we host the Forever Grateful home brew competition in honor of Grant Guthrie, with Low Country Libations home brew club. Grant was an avid home brewer, who did things his way, to his taste, regardless of style guidelines. Sadly he left this earth far too soon but every year we brew for him! 

This year, in our second ever competition, Bill Lynch brewed a winning Kona Coffee, Coconut Porter. Using fresh coconut in the mash, toasted coconut in fermentation and Kona Coffee on the tail end, you're presented with a wonderful coffee and coconut porter. Believe us it taste as delicious as it sounds! But we're not the only ones who can enjoy it, you can too! This Saturday, Feb 11, 2017 at 5:00 PM we'll be tapping this beauty with Bill in the house. Come on out and enjoy it with the artist who created it!

 A little about Bill:

  • Been home brewing since 1991 (26 years)
  • Won first place in 1993 in the first competition he entered with a Blackberry Stout.
  • Won his first best of show in 1999 at the US Open with an American Pale Ale.
  • Graduated to all grain in 2007 
  • Won 400+ ribbons and medals over the years including three best of shows and a second place in the National Home brew Competition last year with an OatmealRaisin Cookie Ale.
  • Bill has had winning home brews brewed at Olde Hickory Brewing (Schwarzbier, GABF Pro-Am entry), Triple C (American Stout), RJ Rockers (Brown IPA) and Oak Road (Coconut Kona Coffee Porter)
  • His brewing process has remained basically unchanged since he went to all grain
    • 5 gallon batches
    • Rarely treats his water, except carbon filtering; Will  use a portion of distilled water when making the few delicate lagers and will add some gypsum when making beers using roasted grains
    • Rarely measure the amount of water that I use
    • He sweats over the recipe much more than he sweats over the process except when he does a decoction mash.
  • He's earned the title ‘Knucklehead Brewer’ based on his archaic brewing process and the fact that he still does primary fermentation in buckets, many of which are years old!
  • Sanitation is followed meticulously!