Finally, i do not have to watch the train wreck of the US Men’s National Team. Everyone should boycott those games until someone gets their brain out of there rear. Back to the BPL this week. I hope everyone is prepped and ready to support their club. Remember, do not be a hater if I do not pick or like your team. Get over it! Hope you enjoy your football weekend.

Here are MY PICKS!


LIVERPOOL V NEWCASTLE- Liverpool of course. Newcastle I hope you like relegation. I still see it in your future.

BRIGHTON V BURNLEY- Non watchable game with much better choices at 1000. These games are strictly supporter games. If you are not a supporter of either club, I do not recommend this game unless you are just a super die hard football fan. I see a draw here.

MANCHESTER UNITED V LEICESTER- Manchester United of course! I do not see any other result here.

SHEFFIELD UNITED V SOUTHAMPTON- This is an interesting game. Newly promoted team playing well against a struggling premier league side that has had all of her players stripped from her by money. Sheffield is playing well and I take them on this game.

SPURS V CRYSTAL PALACE- London Derby. Always a good game when London clubs are doing battle. Spurs looked a little lost before international break, Scooter. Do you think your team can turn it around. You might need an extra bottle to get through the season. Might make those matches better to watch. I see a tough one for Spurs, but see a win in your future.

WOLVES V CHELSEA- OH ERIN! Your pretty boys are struggling with defense. Looks only get you so far, performance is what matters on the pitch. Not size (of your check) either. I do see Chelsea being able to take Wolves out. Wolves are not the team they were at the end of last year. I take Chelsea on this one based on the talent of the “pretty boys”. I do enjoy watching Pulisic.

NORWHICH V MAN CITY- WTF, who make Norwich’s schedule. The Canaries got set in to the middle of a coal mine with noxious gas. However, Norwich has proven they can hang. City has two full starting squads and I see City snuffing the Canaries out quickly. Man City all the way.


BOURNEMOUTH V EVERTON- Ben, i would consider abandoning your team. They look awful in the attacking third and goals are hard to come by. I do take Everton on this one. Bournemouth does not have enough to pull a win out.

WATFORD V ARSENAL- Patrick, for you Birthday I predict win. Present for you birthday. Arsenal all the way here! Happy Birthday Patrick!


ASTON VILLA V WEST HAM- I do not like watching any game where West Ham is playing (except Manchester United). I like Aston Villa this year despite the struggle. I take Villa on this one EASILY!

I hope you enjoy the weekend. Watch as much football and drink as much OaK Road while watching the games. And remember, no matter the picks, support your club.