IT IS ON STARTING TOMORROW! New year with 3 new teams, and thank god i have something to watch on Saturday and Sunday Mornings! NO MERCY this year with the picks. This will be a weekly post for “MY” picks of the week. HERE WE GO:


LIVERPOOL V NORWICH- Canaries, you do not stand a chance this year and i see a return to the lower leagues. Liverpool if you do not win out of the gate, the BPL Trophy will not be yours. Just because you finally put another Big Ears CL Cup in your trophy case, does not mean anything starting tomorrow. Liverpool all the way.


WEST HAM V MAN CITY- Hammers, you just do not stand a chance on this one. The turmoil and lack of good players at this club is overwhelming. NO CHANCE AGAINST CITY. I do not want to see any more Manchester Blue win anything, including this game. However, Many City to win hands down.

BOURNEMOUTH V SHEFFIELD UTD- BORING! I will take Sheffield since this should be a game they can win to gain some confidence.

BURNLEY V SOUTHAMPTON- BORING! I will take Southampton on this one.

CRYSTAL PALACE V EVERTON- BORING! Ben if you team cannot step up and at least draw this game….It will be a long winding road to now where this year.

WATFORD V BRIGHTON- Only interested to see how Watford plays this year. I take Watford.

SPURS V VILLA- WELCOME BACK ASTON VILLA! No chance here. I am taking Spurs on this one. Scooter the only reason I am picking your team is for the fact that they have a brewery in the new stadium. Spurs to win this one.


LEICESTER V WOLVES- I like how Wolves played last year. This should be an entertaining Sunday mornin game, but don’t get out of bed to watch this one. I will take Wolves.

NEWCASTLE V ARSENAL- Patrick if your team can not pull off a win, it will be long painful season in North London. Arsenal to win easily.

MANCHESTER UNTIED V CHELSEA- Erin you are lucky it is your birthday month. I will give you this one. I am going against my own team on this pick. I will take Chelsea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

As always, best wishes to everyones team this year! Even if you pick a loser.