We are back again for another weekend of football. Here are my picks this week. Don’t be a hater because your team is under performing and owners are burning pounds by the millions on useless players. Or useless players are occupying salary spots, Sanchez.



SOUTHAMPTON V MANCHESTER UNITED- Poor performances from the Red Devils last 2 weeks. Opening day blow out and just awful performances since. Plus a bloated midfielder in Pogba. I still take my team to win. Manchester United. Ole come up with something quick please! All eyes are on you.

CHELSEA V SHEFFIELD UNITED- Difficult one to pick. Chelsea’s Pretty Boys can’t make much happen, but they were able to finish the game last week. Sheffield is playing well. But it is Erin’s 31 day and Birthday on Saturday so we are going to have to get a win for her. So Chelsea it will be.

CRYSTAL PALACE V ASTON VILLA- This is actually going to be a good game. Palace coming off a win over Manchester United and Aston Villa is playing well. I will take Villa on this one.

LEICESTER V BOURNEMOUTH- Not a strong or interesting game in my eyes. I like to see Bournemouth, but I am calling a draw on this one.

MAN CITY V BRIGHTON- MAN CITY all the way. This pick is too easy.

NEWCASTLE V WATFORD- Well Newcastle lit Spurs up last week and maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Newcastle fans. Fluke at best last week. I want to see Newcastle with a string of positive results before I get on any bus. Watford not playing well. I will take Newcastle.

WEST HAM V NORWICH- Not impressed with the Hammers at all. They are going down I think. I do like how Norwich is playing. Especially their Striker. I take Norwich.

BURNLEY V LIVERPOOL- I am taking Liverpool on this one despite some of the play lately. They still have a great team and an outstanding midfield. Not a fan at all Liverpool Just saying. But i take them to win.


EVERTON V WOLVES- Everton, you look terrible and could not even handle the Championship League right now. Where are the goals from the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY! I want it back. Buy players to perform not under perform. Ben you team is still on the struggle bus. I take wolves.

ARSENAL V SPURS- Scooter your team blew it last week and there lack on consistency came forth. Patrick you team is questionable at best. Great London Derby! I am going to take Spurs. They should take Arsenal at home. it will depend on who wants to play.

GOOD LUCK to everyone’s team, even if I did not pick them to win. Get over it. You will survive. Remember, always support your team. Best wishes to your Football Weekend.