This is a tweet that Jason Gardner (USN SEAL Retired) wrote to his daughter. I have condensed his tweet and put it together for you. This is a letter to his daughter, but it is for any Mother or Father to tell to their Daughter or Son. Follow Jason at JasonNGarder @jasonngardner on twitter.

“A PROMISE TO MY DAUGHTER/SON - I will love you unconditionally. Always, no matter what. I will not pamper you. This will forge a resilience that will help you conquer all of life’s obstacles. I do not intend to raise a princess(prince) but rather a warrior, with fire in her(his) heart. In my mind there is nothing you can’t do, no job or goal beyond your reach. I will challenge you so that you can stand confidently on your own two feet, independent and strong. I will set the example on how to treat those you love so that when you choose a partner it will be someone who lifts you up. I will invest my time and energy in you so that when I am gone enough memories of me will be with you in your heart to keep forever.”

“Stand tall with your shoulders back. This world is yours for the taking”

Jason N Gardner (USN SEAL ret.)