Here are my picks for this week. Only two weeks left. i guess I will be watching all the Manchester United games from this past season this summer. I have only watch a few. Here are my picks!

Everton v Burnley Everton for the win here, but inconsistency plagues Everton.

Bournemouth v Spurs Scooter i am take Bournemouth. I my team needs lots of wins and loses from the teams above. Glory! Glory! Glory! Manchester United.

West Ham v Southampton Boring. Southampton should easily win.

Wolves v Fulham Go Wolves! Playing extremely well this season.

Cardiff v Crystal Palace Easy pick. Crystal Palace

Newcastle v Liverpool I take Liverpool here. They want the glory.

Chelsea v Watford I need Chelsea to drop points and Manchester United to gain points. So i take Watford, but see a good game and a Chelsea win.

Huddersfield v Manchester United Manchester United should easily win. Even with dead weight Pogba.

Arsenal v Brighton I do not see Arsenal dropping points here. Gunners all the way.

Manchester City v Leicester City wants to win the trophy again. All city on this one.

Only 2 weeks left! We only have the FA Cup and Champions League finals after next weekend. Then summer and the silly season. Best wishes to everyone and their teams. Even if I did not pick your team to win. Always support your team. Enjoy the weekend.