Another Football Friday. Hope you are excited about the weekend. Not many weeks left and we will have to actually do something with our Saturday and Sunday mornings. First off PFA team of the Year.

Mane- deserved great year for Liverpool

Aguiero- keep scoring, keep scoring, keep scoring

Sterling- What a great player molded by Pep

Pogba- Joke, inconsistent, egotistical, more worried about money and appearance. This player has done nothing for my team this year. World Cup Champion, no way. Leader, never. Tidbit here, Leaders are not born and leaders are not assigned. Leaders, are groomed, work hard, are humble, seek personal improvement, and are willing to be wrong. Not Pogba. Choose a better player like, Sala. I think he would be a better pick.

Fenandino- not bad, but what about Eriksen.

Bernardo Silva- played well this year. Options available, Hazard, maybe?

Roberston- great young player having an incredible year.

Laporta- Good choice.

Van Dijk- Leader of the back. This man stepped up when it was needed at Liverpool.

Alexander-Arnold- another great young player.

Just my thoughts. Here are the Picks of the Week!

Liverpool v Huddersfield- Friday night game and Liverpool has this one hands down.

Spurs v West Ham- Spurs all the way. West Ham could not but 5 passes together if they tried.

Crystal Palace v Everton- Can Everton play like they did last week, who knows, inconsistence has been there bane this year. I’ll take Everton.

Fulham v Cardiff- Do not bother watching, spend some time with your spouse, chidden, or knit something. Nothing here.

Southampton v Bournemouth- Who? What? I think i fell asleep. Bottom Feeder Game.

Watford v Wolves- Expect this one to be a cracker, I hope. Both teams top ten and looking to prove themselves as top ten teams. I take Wolves but could go either way. One game to watch this weekend.

Brighton Hove Albion v Newcastle- Bottom Feeder game, Flouder vs a Fat Catfish. I will take the Catfish, aka Newcastle.

Leicester v Arsenal- Arsenal on the struggle bus and need a win. European Football, especially Champions League brings a lot of money. Good game here. I do not see Leicester folding. I see a draw.

Burnley v Manchester City- City has their eye on the trophy and the triple. I take City.

Manchester United v Chelsea- Another big game. Champions League spot in play. Pogba is destroying my team and needs to be benched. Do not see that happening and I see his vitriol destroying their field play again. I will have to go for Chelsea. I am disappointed to make this prediction. Ed Woodward, please look at the big picture, you are not a leader of our great club. Man Up.

Hope you enjoy! Good luck to everyone even if I did not pick your (or my) team to wind. ALWAYS support you club. Have a great weekend.