Been awhile, but here we go picks for the week.

Leicester City v Newcastle- might be a good one, Leicester City for this one.

Spurs v Huddersfield- no brainer, even Spurs cannot screw this one up, Huddersfield is already relegated. However Huddersfield has nothing to lose and can make a mark

BHA v Bournemouth- might be interesting, ill take Bournemouth

Burnley v Cardiff- nap time? unless you are a fan, nothing here

Fulham v Everton- Toffees struggling, maybe. I will take Everton over a this one. Fulham is swimming at the bottom

Manchester United v West Ham United- Ole has this one in the bag and putting 3 points on the board.

Crystal Palace v Man City- This should be a goal fest for City

Watford v Arsenal- Both in the top 10 and have points to Get After. Watford might get some here

Brighton v Cardiff- Unless you are a football fan, I do not see high viewing ratings.

Best of Luck to All of Your Teams!