Super excited about #lager life. Starting January 1, 2019 we decided to close the loop on a path we set out on almost 4 years ago. The lager path. I am excited to say all our beers will be lagers. Yes even Coastal Carolina Evening will now be a German Porter that is fermented with our house lager yeast. Now, we will still have HHH as a core brand and we will produce some traditional German Ales. So do not upset. However, you will see an IPL (Contra), Weizenbock (Bipolar), and even a Kolsch and Altbier on tap more. Even have plans to introduce some new German Hops. Things are going to be exciting this year. So stay tuned. Even talks of your favorite beer in cans. That is something to be thankful for this year. Pay attention and enjoy, This is just the beginning of a wild ride and I hope all of you enjoy. #lagerlife