Favorite time of the week! Picks of the Week! Low blows, jabs and digs are acceptable here. But, remember to support your team. They are the only one you get. No room for club changes and front runners here. Support your team at the top of the table or bottom.



NORWICH V WATFORD- PLEASE PICK A BETTER GAME FOR FRIDAY! Who made this schedule. 19 v 20 place. NOBODY CARES! I do see Norwich with a possible win, but i say DRAW!!!!!!!!!


CHELSEA V CRYSTAL PALACE- THE Erin’s boyfriend’s should win this won. However, do not put anything past a London Darby. I do take Chelsea to win. They are playing well and moving the ball well. No choice here. Chelsea over Crystal Palace.

BURNLEY V WEST HAM- Second half of the table match. Nothing exciting here. I see a draw or possible win by West Ham here. The crystal ball is cloudy and these teams can be uninteresting.

NEWCASTLE V BOURNEMOUTH- Well with Bournemouth playing well in the top half of the table (interesting) and Newcastle struggling (playing well on indiscriminate days) This might be a good game but would hope Bournemouth will keep the 7th place in the table. I’ll take Bournemouth.

SOUTHAMPTON V EVERTON- Ben, Everton sucks No other way to put it. Once again people, spending money does not produce a winning team! Picking the right players, matching the right personalities and egos. WINS. Disappointing season so far from Everton. I see another lose. Southampton all the way here.

SPURS V SHEFFIELD UTD- SCOOTER! You team is also playing horrible. What is up with Spurs. Another disappointment this year. i am going to take Sheffield here. Just to make it interesting.

LEICESTER V ARSENAL- Patrick, Leicester all the way. I see them taking advantage of good form to make it difficult for the Gooners to win. I will take them over Leicester.


MANCHESTER UNITED V BRIGHTON- Manchester United all the way! Why would I not pick my team.

WOLVES V ASTON VILLA- BORING. Too many boring games this weekend. Depends what teams show up. I will take Wolves to win.

LIVERPOOL V MANCHESTER CITY- AWESOME GAME! This is the game to watch. I think Man City should win. But a draw is more likely. Do NOT miss this match!

I hope you enjoy your football weekend. It will be cold here so no excuse not to watch the games. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Remember, always support your team. Whether they win or not. It is the only one you get! Till next week.




Album of the Day!

An interesting band today, Ra Ra Riot. Chamber music mixed with rock. This is there second album “ORCHARD” Listen and enjoy!




Picks of The Week!

TIme for another round of Picks of the Week! I hope everyone is excited about another great football weekend. I know I am and looking for some more wins for my teams. I need some help from others to get my team back to the top. Remember always support your team no matter what, even if I don’t pick them to win



BOURNEMOUTH V MANCHESTER UNTED- Quote of the week “Manchester United should play Chelsea every week, the would easily win” Mid week win in the League Cup against Chelsea, but this is the Premier League. I take Manchester United on this one. I always pick my team to win.

ARSENAL V WOLVES- Tough game maybe? Patrick, I do not see the GOONERS losing tomorrow. They should easily win this one. Wolves do not have the spark this year yet.

ASTON VILLA V LIVERPOOL- LIVERPOOL HANDS DOWN! They are playing to well and look very good doing through the busy fall weeks. I do not see Liverpool losing steam on this game.

BRIGHTON V NORWIICH- BORING! This is a snooze fest unless you are a support of one of these teams. I take a draw here because, I really don't see the point in this game, but it must be played.

MANCHESTER CITY V SOUTHAMPTON- Might be another a lot to a little win here. I take City crushing Southampton. City all the way.

SHEFFIELD UNITED V BURNLEY- Another not to interesting game. Sheffield looking good as a rising Championship team but not much here in this game. I will take Sheffield on this one with there recently game play.

WEST HAM V NEWCASTLE- Bore fest continues. Big supports game. Nothing much there. West Ham looking better than Newcastle recently. I do not see Newcastle winning and West Ham wants a top 10 finish in the league. I will take a win by West Ham this weekend

WATFORD V CHELSEA- Well lets see if our America Star can string another good weekend. I think he has what it takes and hard work is what it will take for him to be successful long term. As Americans we need to look at the long term for this player. i will side with Erin again this week, her boys should easily win. I take Chelsea over Watford.


CRYSTAL PALACE V LEICESTER- Can Leicester put up another howler? I think they can, but might have a little more competition this week. I will take Leicester to win.

EVERTON V SPURS- Battle of the Friends. Scooter and Ben good luck. A ninja warrior battle will be more interesting than this game. Both teams looking horrible and inconsistent with a ton of possibilities. I think this will be a tough one for both. I see a draw here. Best I will give it.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Good luck to everyone’s team. Always support your team no matter what the result or if I don’t pick them to win. Best wishes to a strong football weekend.





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