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As an Air Force Wire Dawg I was fortunate enough to travel the globe. With Assignments from the Asian Pacific to Europe I was exposed to the numerous styles of beer that existed outside my sheltered life of Fizzy Yellow Stuff. During my many years in Germany I really fell in love with German style beers, especially Weizenbier! Then coming back to the states I really missed those styles and sought them out through import retailers. in doing so I discovered a rapidly expanding craft beer scene. With so many styles and variations I instantly knew I found my calling. I was going to do something in beer but I didn't know what. 



Raised in Medford, NJ just outside the great city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA, I enjoyed many years in southern Jersey and the shore.  Eventually, I found my way to the University of Delaware and to my lovely wife, Erin.  Enjoying Sam Adams, Dock Street and the original and only Yuengling (prior to the mass production), I started on my path of enjoying well-crafted beer.  After graduation from UD, we wandered our way down 95 to SC. We took up permanent resident in the beautiful town of Summerville.  One evening, my wife introduced me to a great couple that would forever change our lives.  From this friend, I was inducted and mentored into the art of brewing.  I then found Low Country Libations, one of our local home brew clubs, and the snowball turned into an avalanche.   Now I am here, sharing my hobby and passion at Oak Road.